Monday, 30 January 2012

... Loves Charity Shops.

Today I decided to take a trip into town for a proper big breakfast and a bit of charity shopping.  Charity shopping is possibly one of my favourite things to do.  You just never know what's going to turn up!  I think most of my possessions were bought from charity shops.  In Worcester there is a little street that has six charity shops on it which is my idea of heaven.
Well today I made an amazing find in Age Concern, It was a big box of vintage fabric! I nearly squealed when I saw it across the room and had to restrain the urge to run towards it like a maniac.
The sizes range from a metre square to about 4 metres and came to the grand total of, drum role please.......£4.80!  My favourite pieces are the blue elephant print...

...and this bright yellow one which I keep gazing at affectionately.

A good hoard indeed!  I'll endeavor to make lots of lovely things soon and post them.


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