Wednesday, 11 January 2012

... Finds 10 Good Things.

Inspired by Shimelle Laine's 10 things for the 10th I have decided to do my own 10 things.  I was supposed to post this yesterday (on the 10th) but ran out of time.  I did think about it a lot though and decided to find 10 things from last year that made me happy illustrated with my own photos.

At first I didn't think I'd be able to find 10 things, being slightly pessimistic but after looking through photos from the last year I had difficulty deciding what to leave out!  So without further ado (and in no particular order) here are my 10 Good Things from 2011.

1) This time last year I took part in The Society of Designer Craftsmen annual exhibition.  They had spotted my degree work at New Designers and asked me to apply.  It was a great experience to exhibit in London and I met lots of amazing crafty people. I did apply for this years exhibition but hadn't really been organised enough to finish my work (like a numpty).  Hopefully I'll get my act together for next year!

2) My first work experience after graduating from university was at Spinster's Emporium. A wonderful online vintage haberdashery.  I worked there for 8 months and gained loads of experience I wouldn't have got anywhere else.  While I was there I ran several crafty workshops and looked after the business for three weeks whilst Donna, the director was traveling.  It felt wonderful to be trusted with so much responsibility (and scary too!) and it was a shame I had to leave.

3) In february my friend Anya and I decided to go to Venice for the Masquerade Festival.  It was amazing and crazy!  Some of the costumes were just incredible. For the final weekend it was like Halloween on crack.  There were entire families dressed as the cast of Alice in Wonderland, kids dressed as Scooby Doo with Mystery Machine and someone dressed as a wall.  I'm sure if you google it you will find lots of images but here is my favourite that I took.

4) My job at Kitsch. Ok to be honest it wasn't the best job in the world. At times it frustrated me so much I was on the brink of handing in my notice on several occasions, but the thing that kept me going for a whole year were the people I got to hang out with everyday.  The friends I made there definitely kept me sane. Thanks guys!

5)  I've been to few gigs over the past year and they have all been brilliant, particularly Elbow in Nottingham and Laura Marling at Sheffield Cathedral.  I also loved the little folk acts who popped up in my favourite hang outs, David Wax Museum in the Malt Cross and Darren Hanlon in Lee Rosy's Tea Shop.

6) 2011 was my year for rediscovering my love of manual photography.  There is something so exciting about picking up some photos from a shop, never knowing how they have come out till you open the envelope! I also expanded my collection of vintage cameras (I think I have 20 now) which inspired my latest art project using camera film to make little sculptures.  I'm updating my arty website over the next few weeks so please have a look and let me know what you think.

7)  I have quite a big extended family and every other year we go on a big family holiday.  In 2011 it was Norfolk.  There was a lot of hanging out in beach huts, pubs and playing games.  Good old family fun!

8) I try to make gifts for people as much as possible or as time and money will allow, and my favourite this year was the bag I made for Big Cheese.  I used a dark blue wool fabric which I appliqued with flowers and embellished with buttons.  I used some pretty vintage fabric for the lining and stitched a special message on the strap. I liked it so much I made one for myself.

9) Every year two of my closest friends and I always go on a trip together, usually to some hippy camp.  This time we visited my friend Ros who has a little cottage in Wales.  It is a magical place where we can just relax, drink tea and talk about where our lives are going.  I only used my manual camera and here are my best photos.

10) A new cousin!  Baby Molly Jane Constance Smith was born this year and I want to steal her!  My youngest cousin before Molly is 19 so at our Christmas family gathering there was a lot of pass the baby going on.  My little big sister Hannah (the one with hair) claimed Molly for most of the day based on them sharing a middle name. Whatever!

So there we go, 10 good things. Phew! that was long and there was so much more to put in:  making things, a wedding, prohibition party, twycross zoo, birthdays, art fairs, Pins and Needles, trips to Brighton and London, party on the Thames, Introducing does Entroducing, oh and a boyfriend :)

I think I'll make the next post shorter hmmmm.  Laters lovelies xxx

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