Wednesday, 15 February 2012

... Tries out this romantic malarky.

As its the day after Valentine's Day I thought I'd write a post about some romantic stuff or at least things I find romantic.  I think romance is different for everyone. What can be one person's idea of a loving gesture is another's vomit-inducing-heart-holding-stuffed-bear (No offense to those who do like vomit-inducing-heart-holding-stuffed-bears but if we're going for a stereotype, I'd rather have a bunch of flowers (Hint Mr.D)).  Anyhow here's three things that were invented by loving husbands for their lovely wives (at least that's how I imagine it):

1.  Sticky plasters (or Band-aids) were created by Mr. Earle Dickson.  His wife was rather clumsy and always accidentally burning or cutting herself so he created a small sticky bandage so that she could cover the injury and continue to do things until she hurt herself again.  

2.  Bird's Custard Powder was invented by Alfred Bird whose wife was allergic to eggs.  He also invented baking powder because she was allergic to yeast. He sounds like a keeper (and he was probably loaded).  Money and pudding, win, win!
(It also makes children want to do the ironing. Another win)

3. Latex medical gloves were first used by a surgeon William Stewart Halsted.  Before then surgeons washed their hands in carbolic acid to deter germs.  However Dr. Halsted's wife, who was a surgical nurse, had a bad reaction to the chemical so he asked the Goodyear tyre and rubber company to develop gloves that she could wear.  It was only later discovered that using gloves reduced the spread of bacteria but at least they got there in the end.
Thumbs up William!
Latex gloves were later developed using the same process used to make condoms, which is sort of relevant...right?

Hope you all had a good one xx

p.s. To all those who say its all about the card companies making money, why don't you make a card and stop moaning! Or better yet buy one from an independent crafter who probably needs the money.

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