Wednesday, 17 April 2013

...loves a good video

Just wanted to share this video of my friend Jake of Draw Brighton.  He's a very talented chap.  Also my friend Laura of Illustryous is one of the models.  

Jake Spicer - Draw, Brighton from nicdejesus on Vimeo.


Friday, 12 April 2013

...actually finishes something!

So I am a world class procrastinator.  It takes a long time for me to get projects started and even longer to finish them, but miracles do happen!  The fact I've finished something in the same year I started it is definitely worthy of a blog post.

It all started with an article in Mollie Makes...

A round cushion, crochet one side, fabric the other and a button in the middle.  Nice and simple...well sort of.
I started the project when I was still living in Brighton.  My friend Kerry and I (check out her blog here!) had been teaching ourselves to crochet granny squares and this seemed like a doable next step.  Apart from getting my single and double crochet stitches mixed up, this part was fairly easy.  However the next stage was a little more complicated and the instructions didn't really help.  Cut a circle of fabric slightly bigger than your crochet circle, stitch together, stuff and sew the button in the middle.
My main problem was that my crochet circle wasn't flat...

After choosing my fabric and doing a fair amount of thinking (a very important part of crafting) I decided the best way was to cut the fabric and stitch it into a shallow cone shape to mimic the crocheted bit.  After some trial and error (another important part of crafting) I found a form that seemed to work.  So I stuffed it, stitched some lovely vintage buttons in the middle and well, I had a cushion.  Yay!


In other news, spring has apparently sprung, Mr.D has had his appendix out and on Saturday we went to World Pillow Fight Day in Trafalgar Square (I took photos on my manual camera so watch this space for some photos soon!)