Saturday, 7 January 2012

...Explores Worcester with Big Cheese and Parsley.

Today was a day of exploring and oh what treasures were found!  Worcester is a very pretty little town with lots of independent shops hidden everywhere and my best purchase of the day was from the first shop.  The Big Cheese (aka Miss Bertie) took me to a second hand furniture shop and I found...
... Parsley!  For those who don't know, Parsley the lion was a character from an old children's tv show called The Herbs (to be honest at first I thought he was a character from The Magic Roundabout oops!) Look him up on Youtube, he's ace.
So I decided that a few photos of Parsley strategically placed round Worcester would be a great idea.
Parsley with an amigo.
Parsley perched with a small child.
Parsley supporting the RSPCA (50p was donated)
Parsley eating a latte.
Parsley playing in the condiment jungle.
Parsley doing his best Lion King impression on a tuna melt.
Parsley chillin' with a mannequin.
Parsley taking advantage of this mannequin's weird pose (seriously what is she doing?!)
Parsley hangin' with some mugs.
Parsley standing on an armchair.
Parsley checking his mane.
Parsley on a tiger.
Parsley chatting up some birds.
Parsley doing some shopping.
I'm hoping to have many more adventures with Parsley in the future so watch this space.

Laters x

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