Thursday, 28 March 2013

...makes the most of not being snowed in like everyone else.

So last week when everyone else was complaining about the snow, Mr. D and I took advantage of London's less arctic weather by a long walk to Morden Hall. Its a National Trust property in south London (Last stop on the Northern Line.) Google maps told us it would be about an hours walk so we thought a bit of exercise and a cup of tea in Morden Hall cafe would be just right. We even made ourselves a packed lunch to save some pennies!
Our journey took us through many south London high streets all of which appeared to be filled solely with hairdressers and takeaways. Although there were a few clever takeaway based puns...

I also like this classic launderette sign...

We popped into a charity shop where we found this cutie hidden at the back...

I wanted to steal him but Mr. D convinced me not to.  He did look rather cosy.
We eventually made it to Morden Hall Park where after a quick wander round we realised everything was closed or closing.  So we sat and ate our lunch like good day trippers and then decided to take the train home.

We had the unusual experience of being on an empty underground train.  It was weird. I had the urge to run from one end to the other in childlike giddiness.

On our way back we stopped off at Tooting Broadway to go to a rare find in south England...

Yes, Wilkos!  After living in Brighton for six months where Wilkinsons has never been heard of, finding one so near to home is an absolute joy. Where else can you buy novelty stationary, miniature chandeliers, bicycle inner tubes and demi-johns all under one roof! 
That evening we did a bit of experimental cooking vaguely based on a recipe I found with a twist of our own. Mini polenta pizzas with bacon, spinach and tomatoes...




  1. Whenever you next come to visit I know what I'm going to ask you to bring! We've got a Wilkinsons 5 minutes away from our house - is it bad that i go there so often the staff know me by name?! Jx

  2. is this love of WIlkos a Smith thing? I was also possibly more excited than one ought to be when I found one nestled up the road from me in Wood Green. Not only do they sell everything useful under the sun they also smell really nice!

  3. Got to be honest I never noticed the smell. I'll make a point of having a good sniff next time I visit.
    Jamie - I'm going to say that's a good thing. Maybe you could get mates rates :)