Wednesday, 20 March 2013 spending too much time on the internet.

So I've had one of those weeks where I can't really remember what I've done although I do remember getting to friday and feeling I'd achieved something.  I did do some rather lovely things at the weekend like celebrating my grand father's 91st birthday, watching the rugby (well done Wales), and eating an epic cantonese buffet.  However I failed to document any of this with photos and as I'm one of those people who looks at blogs with pictures, I'm not going to write about any of that.  Instead I thought I'd try doing that thing that lots of other bloggers like to do of posting random stuff I found on t'interweb.

So here goes...

First off I've been looking at the work of illustrator Robert Samuel Hanson who designed the latest cover for Creative Review magazine.

Image courtesy of Creative Review

I really like his clean, colourful style and clever use of composition.

Image courtesy of Robert Samuel Hanson

I would very much like my own house one day simply so that I could cover every wall with wallpaper designed by Miss Print. This is my favourite...

Image courtesy of Miss Print

Also if anyone fancies buying me a random gift then this would be perfect...

Image courtesy of Paul Celentano

...because who doesn't want a ukulele shaped like a snail, or a shark, or a jar of gerkins?! (no really.) Thanks Celentano Woodworks.

In other news, Happy Birthday Daddy!


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