Sunday, 10 March 2013

...can't think of a good title that involves Mother's Day and Marmite.

Post number 2 of 2013!  Go me!  And I've done some creative stuff too.  Mother if you're reading this and haven't opened your Mother's Day present yet, turn off the ipad and open it.
Every year I make my Mum a card for Mother's Day and its always a challenge coming up with new ideas.  This time I was inspired by one of my Mum's favourite things, Marmite.  On a recent trip to Selfridges Food Hall I discovered this...

Image courtesy of
No Noise Marmite. Follow the link to read the blurb but basically Selfridges have taken some well known brands and removed all the writing to celebrate "the power of quiet in a world bombarded with information and stimulation."  As Mum keeps all the limited edition Marmite jars it seemed like the perfect gift, and to go with it a specially designed card made by me!
I just have to explain first of all that my siblings and I call my Mum, Dearest Mama, in a Enid Blyton sort of way hence Marmite becomes Mamamite (because I'm clever like that)

Check those skills! (I used pencil crayons like a child)
In other news, Mr. D and I saw Argo at the Ritzy in Brixton on Wednesday which I highly recommend, followed by some yummy mexican food at Casa Morita.  We also took a trip to Shoreditch where we found this amazing creature...

And a billboard that should be on the side of my house...

We also went to Ikea on friday where there were no horse meat balls or poo cake.  Not a bad week really

Laters taters xxx

P.S. Thank you to Jamie for being the second person EVER to leave a comment on my blog. It made me feel special :)

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