Friday, 14 June 2013

...has some explaining to do.

So there have been a few changes over the past month and I've lost track of who knows what.  I've fallen into the bad habit of assuming everyone knows what's going on in my life because I'm on Facebook even if I don't actually post anything!

So here goes...

After spending three unemployed months in London with Mr.D I finally got offered a job (like a proper job!) as an art technician at King Edward VI College in Stourbridge in the West Midlands.  Just to clarify London is not in the West Midlands (I did have to explain this to more than one person.)

As I would be only working part time commuting from London wasn't really financially possible which meant that I had to find somewhere to live, find someone to move into my room in London and actually move in the space of about three weeks.  Things move pretty quickly in London so filling my room wasn't too much of a problem.  However in the rest of the country things are a little slower to the point where I had packed all my belongings into a van and was driving up to Stourbridge with no guarantee that I would actually have anywhere to live.  After much stress and a few tears everything worked out just fine.  I won't fill you in on the grizzly details but lets just say letting agents aren't the easiest people to work with.  I will give credit to a man named Richard who was very patient and calm when I was clearly about to lose it.

So here I am!  I've been at work for two weeks and I haven't broken anything which is a good sign.  I'm gradually fitting everything in my flat although I'm in desperate need of some shelves and I haven't quite got the cigarette smell out of the carpets (I get the impression the previous occupant was big on cleaning or opening windows.)

A walk in wardrobe! Mr.D had to lower the rail by about two feet.  I can only assume it was originally put up by a giant.

The pretty rolling pin was a house warming gift from Bethan.

The only major downside to all of this is that Mr.D had to stay in London :(  It's not a perfect situation but it's not forever so I'm sure one day we will be living together again with amazing jobs that pay us lots of money, and a dog.

There is another very exciting project in the pipe line but I will have to fill you in when it's all confirmed. Watch this space!