Thursday, 10 May 2012 on the market.

So last Sunday Big Sister Bertie and I took part in The Worcester Flea, an outdoor vintage/craft market in the heart of Worcester.  This is the second time we've given it a go the last being in March when we had wind, rain, sleet and snow.  Unfortunately we didn't make money back on the stall and we spent our float on tea and pasties.
This time however the weather was much better and with a bit of forward planning we came up with ways to make our stall more appealing.  The main attraction (which we were rather proud of) was a "gallery" made by tying garden mesh (found in a charity shop) to the posts of our stall that we pegged prints, clothes and other lovely stuff to.

Pretty nifty huh?  We also had a table of lovely things we'd made including some mini hot water bottle covers made from felted woolly jumpers (made by Bertie).  There was a washing line of vintage clothes and lots of fabric bundles courtesy of Dearest Mama who came along to help.  The weather held out, we made a profit and there was tea and pasties.  

Miss Bertie in her handmade flamingo dress (commissions available)

Dearest Mama making labels

Me looking very pleased with myself

All in all a good day :)